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Sex, Tries, and Videotape (Paperback)

Sex, Tries, and Videotape (Paperback)

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This book is available both SIGNED and UNSIGNED.

SIGNED books are sent from Isla in Australia and will likely not arrive until the new year.

UNSIGNED books are new and sent directly from the printer. Delivery could take a weeks. 



I’m not usually a one-night stand kind of girl, but Finn Kelly was an exception to the rule.

Gorgeous smile?

Abs for days?

Up for some crazy sexcapedes with a girl who’s packing down south?
Checkity check check.

The problem? Well, there isn’t really one, except that our one-night stand somehow turned into a highly addictive friends with benefits arrangement with a guy who lives in a whole other state. Not remotely convenient.

It’s time to cut and run. But Finn doesn’t think I’ll be able to manage without him. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before I’m back, begging for more.

Yeah, right.

If he wants to play this game, I’m all in. We’ll see who’s begging who.

Game on, sweetie. It’ll be fun watching you crack.

Warning: this book is not appropriate for anyone who doesn’t like laughing, anyone who doesn’t like men in makeup, and anyone who doesn’t like seeing two gorgeous people getting down and dirty as they fall completely in love.

*Happily Ever After included

Sex, Tries, and Videotape is an M/F romance between cis male and trans female characters.

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