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Bachelor Number One Paperback

Bachelor Number One Paperback

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Here’s a tip: when you’re attempting to play it straight as the object of desire on a reality dating show, it’s probably a good idea not to sleep with the host…


After spending my entire NFL career hiding who I really am, the last thing I want when I retire is to be part of a reality show, and especially not a show that involves women fawning all over me. But the producers of A Match Made in Heaven are offering to give a huge donation to my charity for me to appear as this season’s “Love Match” and I can’t turn that down.

So I prepare to just suck it up, slap on a smile, and somehow survive the next three weeks at Paradise Mansion being competed over by a gaggle of desperate women all seeking their five seconds of fame and the chance to live their dream as a social media influencer. Oh, and date me, of course…that’s the ultimate prize, right?

But my plan to ride it out goes completely awry the moment I tumble face-first out of the limo and clamp eyes on one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. 

It turns out Blair Bancroft—the host of this lame-ass show—is not just incredibly gorgeous, he’s also incredibly gay. And, evidently, incredibly attracted to me.

If I can survive three weeks without ripping his pants off it’ll be a feat worthy of sainthood.

Spoiler alert: I don’t even make it twenty-four hours. 

Well, I’ve never been that devout anyway…

A short version of this book was previously published in the True Colors: Matchmakers anthology 2023. The story has been significantly revised and expanded for the 2024 release.

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