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Can't Get You Out of My Bed: Love & Luck Book 6 Paperback

Can't Get You Out of My Bed: Love & Luck Book 6 Paperback

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Aidan Kelly. To everyone else in the world he’s the star of a successful extreme travel show, but to me he’s the one that won’t go away.

It started with one of those typical high school crushes on my best friend’s older brother, which turned out to be not entirely unrequited…

There was that time just after high school where someone (not me) may or may not have hurled all over someone else’s c*ck. Then there was that incident in Austin where…well, let’s just say it gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘bull-riding’. And let’s not forget that little thing with the rental car…

But it doesn’t matter how good the sex is, or how deep the attraction is, Aidan and I are just never going to work. There’s the distance for one, and the fact that one of us (not me) is a closeted celebrity…and that’s all without going into how whenever we’re in the same place we just can’t seem to stop from hurting each other. And not just in the good way…

The only option to maintain my sanity is to avoid Aidan and force myself not to think about him. But that’s easier said than done when—thanks to my best friend’s misguided ‘help’—we end up living in the same freakin’ apartment…

Warning: This book is not appropriate for anyone who doesn’t like laughing, anyone who doesn’t like terrible karaoke, or anyone who doesn’t like when two hella gorgeous guys have a ton of smoking-hot sex as they work through their sh*t to get to their happy ending.

*Happily Ever After included.

 Audiobook narrated by Michael Dean.

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