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List Me With Your Best Shot: Best Men Book 2 Paperback

List Me With Your Best Shot: Best Men Book 2 Paperback

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Here’s a suggestion in case you ever find yourself in the predicament of having to watch the guy you’ve been in love with for the past twenty years marry your ex-fiance:

Stay away from tequila.

Actually, just stay away from alcohol altogether. Put the grown-up pants on and just suck it up. Otherwise you might end up literally and figuratively spilling your guts in front of your ex’s best friend, who also happens to be your arch-nemesis.

I’ve known and disliked Alastor King since high school, and he’s the last person in the world I want knowing my secret. But instead of using the information to destroy my life, he makes me an offer: a month-long sex rehab, after which time he swears any feelings I have for my best mate will have magically vanished.

He thinks I’m too stuck in my ways and all I need to do to get over Trent is to venture out of my comfort zone by completing Alastor’s specially tailored kink list.

I figure it’s worth a go, even if the only thing I accomplish is proving Alastor wrong. But I’m not going to let him have all the power—while I’m checking off items on his list, he’s going to be completing one of mine.

Fire away.

List Me With Your Best Shot is and enemies to lovers, opposites attract, secret fling romantic comedy. It’s the sequel to And the Best Man Ran Away With the Groom but features a new couple and can be read as a standalone.

Audiobook narrated by Gary Furlong
Releasing 2024

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