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Tales from beyond the Rainbow by Pete Jordi Wood (Hardback)

Tales from beyond the Rainbow by Pete Jordi Wood (Hardback)

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Ten captivating stories of adventure and resilience celebrating LGBTQ+ characters, published as an illustrated collection of queer classics for the first time.

These are the fairy tales that history forgot - or concealed. Tales in which gender is fluid and where queer stories can have a happy ending.

From the humble sailor who finds his handsome prince to the transgender market girl who becomes queen, from Europe to Asia via the African savannah, LGBTQ+ folklore researcher Pete Jordi Wood has combed through generations of history and adapted ten unforgettable stories, each illustrated by an artist who shares heritage with the culture from which the stories were born.

'Representative of so many members of the community and brought to life with vibrant illustrations' - Independent

Publisher: Puffin Classics
Year: 2023
ISBN-10: 0241545420
EAN: 9780241545423
ISBN: 9780241545423
Intended Audience: Ages 9-12


5% from the sale of this book goes to support LGBTQ charities.


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