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And the Best Man Ran Away With the Groom: Best Men Book 1

And the Best Man Ran Away With the Groom: Best Men Book 1

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There are two essential tasks on every best man’s to do list:

1. Throw a killer bucks party
2. Get the groom down the aisle

The first one was a no-brainer. But the second? That’s where everything went completely pear-shaped…

That was the moment that changed my life…

When my best friend bails on his wedding literally minutes before it’s about to start, I can’t help feeling a tad responsible. And even though I haven’t gotten to know Xavier, the would-be-groom, all that well yet, it’s hard not to feel for the guy who’s just had his heart pummelled in front of a hundred and fifty people.

Nice guy that I am, I take it upon myself to try to make amends for my sh*t of a best mate’s actions—starting with transforming the cancelled honeymoon into the perfect Get-Over-Him getaway.

Two weeks in incredible Thailand with nothing but booze, beaches, and delicious food? That’s enough to make anyone forget they’re supposed to be married.

Throw in all the beautiful people and my plan to have Xavier moving on by the end of the trip is well underway.

I just wasn’t expecting him to be moving on to me…

Reader note: Two swoon-worthy guys, lots of laughs, a ton of steam, a guaranteed HEA, and an Aussie Slang Glossary are included in this book.

Narrator: Gary Furlong

Audiobook Release Date: 2024

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